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NOCSI provides straightforward security & privacy with predictable pricing.

✓ Continuous Evaluation  ✓ Planning and Design ✓ Secure Infrastructure ✓ Research & Development

Boutique Solutions — tailored to your needs.


Integrate directly with your business workflow & lifecycle.


$7000 /sprint

Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Native Applications

Black/White/GrayBox Evaluation

Insider Threat

For companies requiring code audits & security reviews.



$5000 /sprint

For companies requiring dataflow & safe-handling reviews.



For GPDR, HIPAA, CCPA and similar regulations.



Improving your security posture.

Proactive security.

For individuals requiring continuous monitoring & internet investigations.




Digital Forensics & Presence Analysis

Root-Cause Evaluation

For individuals requiring support & maneuvering through real-time events.



For individuals requiring continuous monitoring.


Get tailored solutions with our customers' needs & security in mind.

Protocol Analysis

Hand crafted dashboards for everything from Recurring Revenue to Customer Churn.

Cooptability Engineering

Your central hub that helps you see, and react to, absolutely everything that’s happening.

Circumvention Technology

Stay informed with daily, weekly, or monthly reports on all your insights data.

Privacy Enhancing

Our forecasting is your magical crystal ball that helps you predict and plan for the future.


How does your company compare? Learn how your company stacks up in the industry.

Operational Security

Organize your customers to bring meaningful and comparative insights across your dashboards.

Secure Code Review

Improve your conversion rates by monitoring exactly what’s going on while your customers are in trial.

Secure Infrastructure

Personalized segmentation, rich customer profiles, manual subscriptions, and more!


Merge external data with your metrics for deeper insights in to your customers and your business.

Continuous Monitoring

Want your metrics in other services? Extend and integrate to our every part of your business.

Rapid Prototype

Send important updates from here to your team’s Support channels.


Goals, Breakouts, Instant notifications, Comparisons, Annotations and Cohort Analysis!

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Privacy & Security engineering.

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